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RestaurantAi opportunity for Detroit Vesey’s!

Dear Detroit Vesey’s Team,

Being a key player in Detroit’s bustling dining scene, we know you’re constantly seeking to innovate and provide the best for your valued customers. At RestaurantAi, our unique AI solution is aimed to assist industry leaders like you by elevating the dining experience, while simultaneously lightening the load for your hardworking staff.

Our Restaurant Ai chat, built to embody your brand values, not only strives to enthrall your discerning patrons, but also reaffirms your dedication to industry-leading service in this fast-paced market. We invite you to collaborate with us in pioneering an AI-backed future for the food industry, much like your role in Detroit’s culinary landscape.

To truly comprehend the transformative potential of RestaurantAi and how it can uplift Detroit Vesey’s, peruse through our Demos and chat with their AI representatives for Hell’s Kitchen, McDonald’s and Cactus Club Café.

This hands-on session will provide an insight into our advanced AI technology’s power and its potential to redefine customer interactions.

When Detroit Vesey’s is all set to step onto the next level of digital interaction, simply click on “Get Your Ai”, and our committed squad will get straight to bringing your custom AI to life.

For any further questions or to have a more comprehensive conversation, feel free to send me an email or Book a Convenient Time Slot For a Meeting using the calendar link at the end of this page. We’re super excited about the possibility of associating with Detroit Vesey’s, utilizing AI to drive your journey towards culinary mastery and innovation even further.

Boris Drubetsky, CEO

Your Brand. Your Menu. Your AI. Restaurant Ai is for   your   needs!

The question isn't whether you'll adopt Ai, but rather when. Businesses that take the lead will flourish at the expense of those that lag behind. We're not merely inviting you to join the AI revolution - we want you to lead it! Meet Restaurant Ai, the world's first, state of the art, GPT chatbot meticulously tailored to meet your needs.

Engagement Booster! -Ever since we brought Restaurant Ai on board, our customer engagement has gone through the roof! It's been amazing to see our patrons interact with it and share their experiences on social media and with our team! Our mentions have never been higher!

JeremyLe Château

Amazing ROI! Initially, we weren't sure if Restaurant Ai would be a good investment, but the results speak for themselves! The level of customer engagement has skyrocketed, and the insights we've gained are invaluable. Best business decision we've made this year.

AlexBistro on Main

Big shout out to Boris and his team. We were up and running 24 hours after placing our order. Our initial single location test ended up almost immediately being pushed to most of our locations. There are definitely limitations and it can make mistakes, but all in all this is an amazing marketing tool! Thanks!

JackVine & Olive

Its cool, its useful, and it turned out to be the best marketing decision I made in a while! Thanks guys!

SarahTaste of Italy

A Social Media Game-Changer! - We always struggled with getting our brand noticed on social media. Restaurant Ai changed that overnight. It's a hit with our customers, and they can't stop raving about it online. Our social media mentions have never been this high!

ThomasThe Golden Dragon


  • Expertly versed in every dish you offer
  • Personalize suggestions for every palate
  • Excel at tempting upsells
  • Showcase your dishes with vibrant visuals
  • And yes, we’ll do it all with finesse and flair!


  • The ultimate source for everything about your restaurant
  • Each and Every FAQ at my fingertips
  • Instantly connect guests to reservations, directions, and socials
  • Always up-to-date on dress code, hours, and special services
  • Yes, I even know how to get here, where to park and what’s nearby!


  • Fully versed in your website’s every corner
  • Answer every query, from mundane to specific
  • Interested in booking a party? I have all the specifics
  • I’m your website in conversational form

Secure Your Competitive Edge:

Get Your Ai Now!

Restaurant AI

  • Knows Your Menu
  • Knows Your FAQ’s
  • Knows Your Website (Up to 2k Pages)
  • 2,000 GPT 3.5 messages/month
  • GPT 4 upgrade Available

Additional Locations

$100/ location
  • Location Specific Chatbot
  • Location Specific Menu
  • Location Specific FAQ’s

As low as

10/ message
  • Bundle Size – Price:
  • add 1k message – ¢25/ Message
  • add 3k message – ¢20/ Message
  • add 5k messages – ¢15/ Message
  • add 15k messages – ¢10/ Message
  • GPT 4 Upgrade Available

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